[Linux-ham] KZ!X/4 Chapel Hill

sjackson at radarfind.com sjackson at radarfind.com
Sat May 20 12:42:22 EDT 2006

Name:			Steve Jackson

Call:			KZ1X

Licensed:		1979 (Novice) 1981 (General) 1984 (Extra)

Subscribed: 	-founded local radio club (OCRA) 1992, continuous active
			-always interested in what other local area hams are
			-could stand to know more about *nix variants
			-not a software person; can't touch-type
			-have never successfully written a program in
anything but BASIC

Like to see:	-examples of usable executables for clever hams
			-Knoppix-like distributions with precompiled ham

Random:		-am CTO and co-founder of venture-funded RTP radio
technology startup
			-have extensive RF communications / electronic
design background
			-build a lot (from scratch and also kits)
			-DXCC and other award eligibility, too busy to do
			-80' Rohn 55G tower supporting several large HF Yagi
			-original builder/trustee for 443.475, 442.15,
145.23 and 53.45 repeaters
			-built my 1st repeater in 1981, biggest in metro NYC
			-mostly HF CW these days, also improving antennas
for mobile HF
			-xyl N1GMR, 2 kids; qth Chapel Hill since 1990
			-built world's 1st private home wired with cat 5
data cabling


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