[Linux-ham] Calling for Introductions

Neil L. Little nllittle at vnet.net
Sat May 20 18:43:26 EDT 2006

Hi, my name is Neil Little, WA4AZL. I am a native of NC, and I live in the
northwestern corner of Harnett county near Cokesbury (oh alright, Fuquay
Varina!), NC in the US. I have held held an amateur radio license for nearly
35 years (this June).

I currently hold an Amateur Advanced license and am working on upgrading to
the Amateur Extra maybe in June. I have always enjoyed building and playing
with wire antennas. I get most of my kicks just ragchewing.

Open Source and Linux goes together with ham radio like "peas and carrots".
Hams have always had a jones for getting something together for little or
nothing. Open Source, Linux and ham radio were made for each other.

My interest in Linux with respect to Ham Radio is to set up a Weather/APRS
station as Weather and Skywarn is a real interest. I also enjoy the digital
modes of communications such as CW, Packet, RTTY, PSK31.

I am lucky to be part of a strong radio club called the Johnston Amateur 
Society (JARS). We have the use of the AK4H repeater (147.270) that occupies
the WRAL transmitter tower at 1000 feet.

JARS It is a strong active club because its members have a strong 
interest in
ELMERing newly minted hams, Keeping the interest in ragchewing, building
antennas, and generally having a good time. We currently have quite a good
showing of JARS members at the Dayton Hamfest now in session in Dayton, OH.

Enjoy Ham Radio!

Neil Little, WA4AZL
JARS Forever!! ...er TRILUG too!

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