[Linux-ham] OT: Radio Installers

Dave Sorenson sorenson at uffdaa.com
Tue Sep 8 17:58:19 EDT 2009

Having seen some of the work done by "professional" installers on car
stereos I wouldn't trust them to get a ham rig right. I'd check for places
that sell and maintain business class communications for business fleets.

A quick google turns up http://www.radio1inc.com/raleigh.htm they are a
big Motorola reseller

a second is wirecom

I don't know if they do one offs, but maybe you can hook up with an
installer to do it on the side.

Dave S

> Does anyone know of a local stereo or other kind of company or individual
> that would install a mobile ham rig?  My car's dash (2005 Saturn ION) is
> by
> no means conventional but I would like to get a radio mounted in there and
> it not look like crap.  Thanks.
> 73,
> Jason Evans KI4GMX
> http://jsevans.us
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