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Neil L. Little nllittle at embarqmail.com
Tue Sep 8 19:22:27 EDT 2009

Now I dont know that I would trust just anyone to install my rig. I have 
always known people who "know" other people. Try your local radio club. 
In your case that would probably be the Durham FM Society. The 
installation of the radios in my truck was done by a ham named Raymond 
Hoeger (W4RLH) who also does this sort of thing as a living (car 

Remember that holes in the roof and holes in the carpet will not 
decrease the resale value of a vehicle. Holes in the plastic panels on 
the interior of the vehicle will.
Most folks shiver when talking about punching a hole in the middle of 
the roof but thats the best place for the antenna.

My installation has 3 roof mounted antennas (Larsen)(holes punched 
baby!) and a Gamber-Johnson (http://www.gamberjohnson.com/) multiple 
radio mount.  I used the large gauge wire for stereo amps (8 gauge) 
attached to the positive and negative battery terminals, fused both 
sides (50A) and brought them through the firewall. I terminated this to 
a fuse block ,one each (stereo amp part again) on the transmission hump.

When you install a rig in a vehicle go directly to the battery using 
both positive and negative terminals. Fuse near the batter. Do not use 
less than 10 gauge wire. The hard part mounting inside the newer cars is 
all they are all plastic and it is hard to find some thing solid to 
mount to. If you have air bags find a place that doesn't imped their 
deployment. A lot of the newer radios have detachable face plates. If 
you have one of these radios you can mount the radio under a seat.Bring 
the cable for the face plate up under the rug  to the dash. These 
detachable face plates are light enough you can use velcro or a cellular 
adjustable mount.

The most traumatic thing for some hams would be the antenna. The idea is 
to find a place that will provide an effective ground plane. The most 
effective position is the center of the roof. That can be attached using 
either a magnetic mount or if you are a "real" ham (heh heh) punch a 
hole in the roof. If this make you shiver you might want to consider a 
mount for the roof gutter or side mount. Try Comet antennas, they have a 
variety of mounts of that type.

A source of information that will give you some Ideas would be to look 
at the ARRL publications there is a book called Amateur Radio on the move.

Neil, WA4AZL

Jason Evans wrote:
> Does anyone know of a local stereo or other kind of company or 
> individual that would install a mobile ham rig?  My car's dash (2005 
> Saturn ION) is by no means conventional but I would like to get a 
> radio mounted in there and it not look like crap.  Thanks.
> 73,
> Jason Evans KI4GMX
> http://jsevans.us
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