[Trilug-announce] July TriLUG meeting: SGI and Linux

Joseph Tate jtate at dragonstrider.com
Tue Jul 6 22:41:31 EDT 2004

The July meeting of the Triangle Linux Users Group will be Thursday the 
8th at 7:00 PM in Dreyfus Auditorium on the RTI campus in RTP. SGI will 
be discussing Linux today, and visualization offerings for Linux. They 
will also show off a SGI Altix 350. The SGI representatives will be John 
Gorski, lead Systems Engineer, Ben Griffith, Navy Rep, and Scott Welch, 
Sciences Rep with others tentatively scheduled. As customary, pizza and 
soft drinks will be provided. The meeting is free and open to the public.

Regarding the above mentioned meeting, the following conversation could 
have occurred at some time in the near past, or could happen sometime in 
the immediate future:

Geek 1:	I've heard there's a TriLUG meeting this week.
Geek 2: What's the topic?
Geek 1: SGI will be discussing the state of Linux and visualization 
offerings for Linux.  They will also be showing off a SGI Altix 350.
Geek 1: Who's presenting?
Geek 2: John Gorski, Lead Systems Engineer, Ben Griffith, Navy Rep, and 
Scott Welch, Sciences Rep and perhaps others.
Geek 2:	Where?
Geek 1:	Dreyfus
Geek 2: Where's that?
Geek 1:	In RTP on the RTI campus.
Geek 2:	I've never been there before/I just moved from Mongolia, where 
is that?
Geek 1:	See http://www.trilug.org/dreyfus_directions.php
Geek 2:	Date?
Geek 1: I'd rather not discuss my personal life with you./I'm married 
Geek 2: No, date?
Geek 1: Thursday
Geek 2: Not date +%A, date?
Geek 1: Thu Jul  8 19:00:00 EDT 2004
Geek 2: What time should I show up?
Geek 1: Well, the doors don't open until 6:30 PM.
Geek 2: So, what time should I show up?
Geek 1: Depends on whether you want a seat in a chair or on a counter. 
Of course you could always BYOC  ;-P
Geek 2: What's BYOC?
Geek 1: Bring your *own* chair.  Also comes in handy for any parking lot 
mingling that may transpire, and being a magnet for the snickering and 
goading that will occur.
Geek 2: Will there be food?
Geek 1: Of course!  Pizza and drinks.
Geek 2: How much will it cost?
Geek 1: It's free!  However donations are encouraged and tax deductible.
Geek 2: cool
Geek 1: yeah
Geek 2: Well, I gotta go, one of my users has just deleted his Power 
Point presentation.
Geek 1: Yeah, me too: I gotta head down to the Toshi Station to pick up 
some power converters.
Geek 2: What?
Geek 1: Oh, sorry.  I meant to Intrex to pick up a power supply. 
Doesn't have quite the same ring, does it.
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