[Trilug-announce] Meeting Announcement: DNS and the WWW, Oct 14, 2004

Joseph Tate jtate at dragonstrider.com
Tue Oct 12 10:19:26 EDT 2004

Due to the eminent departure of Mike Johnson from the Triangle Area, he
will not be presenting "Linux Security" Thursday evening.  In lieu of
flowers please send donations to TriLUG c/o Jason Tower, TriLUG
Treasurer.  Congratulations on the job Mike.  We hope things go well for
you in Charlotte.

In his place, Aaron Joyner will be presenting the Domain Name System
(DNS).  Come learn about the technology that made the World Wide Web
accessible to the masses, and how to run your own name servers using
BIND.  For updated information as it becomes available as well as 
directions, see  Or join our IRC discussions on 
#trilug on one of the following servers:,,

One of our Steering Committee members, Jeremy Portzer, is also departing
us for perceived greener pastures.  As such, a special election will
take place in November.  Please send all nominations (including
self-nominations) to steering at trilug.org by November 6.

*This Saturday*, I will be giving a mini-course on the Apache HTTP server.
Some topics may include:
HTTP basics
Basic httpd configuration
Virtual hosting setup
SSL configuration and PKI basics
PHP/mod_perl setup
Installing PHP applications
Modules and their varying degrees of usefulness.

The class will be held at Global Knowledge in Cary.  See the web site
for directions.  Many thanks for Ryan Leathers for arranging the use of
these facilities.

All classes and meetings are free and open to the public.

Joseph Tate
Human-Cyborg Relations

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