[Trilug-announce] Bring your Boss to TriLUG: September 2005

Joseph Tate jtate at dragonstrider.com
Tue Aug 30 13:48:42 EDT 2005

The September meeting of the Triangle Linux Users Group will be held
September 8th at 7:00 PM at Red Hat Headquarters on Centennial Campus in
Raleigh, NC. This month's guest is Bob Young. More details below.
TriLUG meetings are free and open to the public. Pizza and drinks will
be provided. Bring your boss and show him or her that the cute cuddly 
penguin has some teeth.  http://www.trilug.org for more information and 

The Internet Changes Everything
Bob Young, founder of Red Hat, and currently CEO and founder of Lulu
will discuss how the Internet is still very much the "Wild West",
applying the open source paradigm to business models other than
software, and what it all means to the future of technology.*

*NOTE: Any of this may be replaced by a lengthy discussion of EBay,
replica watches, golf carts or Canadian Football.

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