[Trilug-announce] Thursday's Meeting:LVM, RAID, Election

Joseph Tate jtate at dragonstrider.com
Mon Oct 10 21:17:26 EDT 2005

Thursday October 13, 2005, Red Hat Headquarters, Raleigh, NC.  Topic:
LVM, Presenter: David Aquilina, Technical Account Manager, Red Hat Inc.

LVM, or Logical Volume Manager.  This software allows you to treat
physical hard drives within a system as virtual volumes allowing you to
reallocate space as needed no matter where it is available.  David will
also discuss Software RAID on Linux, and how to improve reliability and
perhaps even performance.  Meetings are free and open to the public, and
pizza and soft drinks will be provided.  Directions are available at our
website at http://www.trilug.org/

Thursday's meeting is sponsored by Network Appliance

We will also elect a replacement for Joel Ebel, leaving us for the West
coast and the hallowed halls of Google.  We wish him the best.

The candidates are, in pseudo-random order*:

   Jason Faulkner
   Mark Turner
   John Davis

Please have your TriLUG membership card in order to speed balloting.  If
you do not have a membership card, you may still be able to vote if you
have signed up before Thursday's meeting.

November's meeting will be Jeff Waugh talking about Ubuntu.

In December we will hold our second annual TriLUG Social.  Details will

The TriLUG Steering Committee

* Generated using
python -c 'import random
list = ["John Davis", "Jason Faulkner", "Mark Turner"]
print list'

Please no comments on the validity of this ordering, or the quality of 
my random number generator.

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