[Trilug-announce] SHORT NOTICE pilot/trilug.org reboot at 18:00 EDT today

Cristóbal Palmer cmp at cmpalmer.org
Tue Sep 15 14:03:55 EDT 2009

pilot.trilug.org/login.trilug.org/www.trilug.org reboot tonight at 18:00 EDT.

We've got a new kernel and some other updates to pick up. Total
downtime should be less than 10 minutes. Affected services:

* ssh/login
* dovecot/imap/postfix/mail
* apache/web

Please clear out/save your screen sessions.For irssi users, this
probably means a "/layout save" and "/save" before you /quit.  Since
we're a volunteer outfit, we're doing this remotely, but we'll have
somebody on standby to drive out if things don't go as planned. Thanks
for your patience and understanding.

Cristóbal M. Palmer
"The fun thing is to try to persuade others to share your opinions
about what rules and what sucks. Nothing is more fun than evangelism."
  --Larry Wall

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