[TriLUG-announce] Steering Committee nominations and elections, 2010

Kevin Hunter hunteke at earlham.edu
Tue May 11 13:14:43 EDT 2010

Hello TriLUGgers,

You've made it one more year, and are about to read one final email from
the LUG Steering Committee.  That's right!  Come Thursday, the SC will
be no more ...

Because you'll be voting for a new crew to lead the group!  Woohoo!

Reminder: we vote this Thursday at the meeting.

- Who would you like to lead the LUG?
  Consult the current nominations (link below).  Think someone should
  be added?  Consult with them, then go for it!  The LUG needs
  motivated individuals leading the way!

- Would you like to lead the LUG?
  Are *you* a motivated individual?  Nominate yourself!  Don't like our
  pizza vendor choice?  Nominate yourself!  Have a vision of where the
  LUG should go and what it should do?  Most definitely nominate

Please place nominations on the wiki at this page.

 -> "Nominations for Steering Committee, 2010"

Nominated individuals will likely want to prepare a short bio and why
they're interested in the SC for themselves as well.  For wider
exposure, consider both sending your blurb to the -announce list and
linking it that wiki page.

It's been fun being on your Steering Committee this past year!


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