[Trilug-ontopic] Email servers

Neil L. Little nllittle at embarqmail.com
Fri Aug 24 21:12:43 EDT 2007

Yes, port 25 will only accept traffic from the IP address of the Cisco box.

Daniel Bartholomew wrote:
> On Thu, 2007-08-23 at 21:50 -0400, Neil L. Little wrote:
>> I have to setup an SMTP server who's sole purpose will be to relay email 
>> from a (Cisco) Media Convergence Server to the outer world.
>> I am wondering which would be the most efficient to use (setup, config, 
>> secure from spammers turning it into a zombie and spreading porn to the 
>> world).
>> I have been exposed to Sendmail in the past and it was not a positive one.
>> A spammer turned my server into a zombie, spreading porn spam to the world.
>> The distribution is Ubuntu (edgy elf)
> Postfix or Exim are good alternatives.
> As far as locking the server down, is this server going to be only
> sending mail and not receiving any (except from the Cisco box)? If so,
> set up iptables to block all inbound traffic on port 25 except from the
> Cisco box.
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