[Trilug-ontopic] Asterisk on Linux or in a Linux VM under OS-X

Greg Brown gwbrown1 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 20 22:58:57 EDT 2008

So, I think I have a need for Asterisk (finally!).  My condo association has
three phones, all of which run $80/month for "business phone" from Embarq.
I think I can get this down to one phone line, DSL and IP phones, or
POTS-to-VoIP adapters.

Here is my question: assuming I have one "real" phone line are there any
options for connecting that phone to a modem in the Mac for use when the DSL
line is out?  I know Digium makes some cards for Linux but I wonder if there
is any way to run this all under a VM on the Mac which will already be in
place to monitor the security cameras (yes, I know I can use Motion for this
but I want the "more user friendly" web interface that ships with the OS X

I could run a seperate machine for the Asterisk server and Digium POTS
gateway thingy but I'd prefer not to if at all possible.

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