[Trilug-ontopic] Asterisk on Linux or in a Linux VM under OS-X

David Brain dbrain at gmail.com
Tue Oct 21 08:37:42 EDT 2008


The problem will probably be the modem - the consensus seems to be
that most modems cannot be used as an FXO replacement, (google for
'fxo modem' reveals some apparent success, but few details).

The actual VM part on the Mac should be a straightforward,
VirtualBox/VMWare Fusion/Parallels should all work.

BTW - ever looked at ZoneMinder (http://www.zoneminder.com/) for the
security cam server? Has a pretty decent web interface - I've had a
server up and running now for 6+ months and it works pretty nicely -
even have it set up to email me movie clips of alerts.


On Mon, Oct 20, 2008 at 10:58 PM, Greg Brown <gwbrown1 at gmail.com> wrote:
> So, I think I have a need for Asterisk (finally!).  My condo association has
> three phones, all of which run $80/month for "business phone" from Embarq.
> I think I can get this down to one phone line, DSL and IP phones, or
> POTS-to-VoIP adapters.
> Here is my question: assuming I have one "real" phone line are there any
> options for connecting that phone to a modem in the Mac for use when the DSL
> line is out?  I know Digium makes some cards for Linux but I wonder if there
> is any way to run this all under a VM on the Mac which will already be in
> place to monitor the security cameras (yes, I know I can use Motion for this
> but I want the "more user friendly" web interface that ships with the OS X
> stuff).
> I could run a seperate machine for the Asterisk server and Digium POTS
> gateway thingy but I'd prefer not to if at all possible.
> Greg
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