[Trilug-ontopic] Anyone have info on Ubuntu local disk persistent usbkey home dir?

Greg Cox glcox at pobox.com
Sun Feb 15 12:52:36 EST 2009

> I presume that you have considered the speed and durability issues of
> using a USB memory stick?

See, this is what gets me.  Where is there a Very Simple Setup
that boots off a live CD (then spins it down), merges a config off
a USB key (then spins it down), and just runs from memory?

Upgrade?  New CD.
Restore?  Old CD.
New iptable rule?  Write config to key.

The closest I've found is some slackware remaster that, as of a year
or so ago, made a braindead choice to not merge in the USB key automatically
on boot.

New thought I have:
Put the network connections into an ESXi host and then do a normal
boot-from-disk setup in a VM, since I already have to keep spindles going
on that box

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