[Trilug-ontopic] Email threading issues...

Alan Porter porter at trilug.org
Fri Oct 1 16:22:54 EDT 2010

Poking around a little on the pipermail discussion lists, it
looks like pipermail (a script in the mailman package) uses
three things to determine whether a message is in a thread:

(1) In-Reply-To header
(2) References header
(3) same subject

Your mail had none of those things, so I don't know why it was
shown as a reply.

I see other examples in the archives of mis-threading.  One
example is below:


To really see what's going on, you have to look at the source of
the original message (I used Thunderbird).  All of the headers
looked "normal" to me.

I think this is a bug in pipermail, and has nothing to do with
the configuration of your web mail.



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