[Trilug-ontopic] clear.com for linux?

Zac Durham zacdurham at gmail.com
Fri Jan 20 16:56:21 EST 2012

I never personally used it, but several people I've had the discussion with
over the last couple of years who do a lot of remote desktop,
teleconferencing or pushing files generally felt compelled to draw up
another solution. Perhaps the technology has improved. Perhaps those I
talked to just needed to move out of the sticks.

Something about getting my internet from fiber that connects 900 feet from
house appeals to me. I'm already in bed with AT&T for my mobile phones so I
have no problem throwing them my internet business as well. Did I mention it
was a load cheaper than TWC? That was the best part. I have long had a bone
to pick with TWC.

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On Fri, 20 Jan 2012, Zac Durham wrote:

> I've never met anyone who was satisfied with clear(wire) as their 
> mainstream carrier replacement, especially not for telecommuting purposes.

Hmm, I guess I mostly just push text around. How long ago was your
experience? I found that since the transition to Clear and the distribution
of new modems the bandwidth and uptime has improved.

(and, wooo, it's not TWC or Verizon. Do we get AT&T in Durham or Chapel
Hill? Are they really nicer to deal with?)

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