[TriLUG] Installfest hardware needs - Updated List

Vestal, Roy L. rvestal at rti.org
Mon Apr 22 14:43:53 EDT 2002

He have a lot coming!  We really need keyboards, mice, power strips, power
cables, and NIC's.

Thanks to all for the help!

Updated at bottom. If you can, please send it to me offline, I'll line up
the hardware since Chris is doing the software. If you can think of
something else, please let me know.

Jeremy says there is only enough space for 8 stations. So look through and
see what you can bring.

Needs - 8 stations:
8 monitors - Done
8 keyboards
8 mice
8 nic's - Have 3 need 6-8 more(pci preferred)
8 cables - Done
8 power strips - Need 4 to 5 more
Hubs - Done - 2x 12 ports 10MB, 1x 24 port 10/100
WAP - Done
Wireless NIC's - Have 2 coming, may need a few more


Here's what I'm bringing:
10 monitors (2 spares)
10 nic cables
1 or 2 nics
1 or 2 power strips
12 port hub
TriLUG firewall

Justin Johnson is bringing: 
(1) Linksys 802.11b WAP
(2) Linksys PCMCIA 802.11b Nics
Bulk CAT5 (not sure how much is left in box)
RJ45 Terminators
Cable tester
5-10 6' CAT5 Patch cables
12 port 10mb hub (if better hub/switch not coming already)

Reginald Reed is bringing:
A firewall (as a backup to the trilug firewall)
At least one 24 port 10/100 switch (with a crossover cable or two)

Henry Kowalski is bringing:
16 port 10/100 switch
"bunch of cables"

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