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Tanner Lovelace lovelace at wayfarer.org
Tue Apr 23 00:35:51 EDT 2002

On Tue, 2002-04-23 at 00:03, Greg Cox wrote:
> Torrey Homes wanted $50/run to install cat5 when my place was being
> built.  I passed on that, talked to the super, who balked at letting
> me do it myself, too, so I added it myself later.  The only real
> suckage was that the boxes are bound to the drywall, instead of held
> to the stud.

Hmm... How bad is it?

> I ended up putting 4 runs to each room (except kitchen/bathrooms),
> 2 runs of which go to the attic and are for mainly getting signals from
> one place to another, the other 2 are for ethernet, and go to the coat
> closet.  There's a recessed electrical box there, where the ethernet
> runs are terminated.  I wired in an extra outlet for the network switch,
> stuck the switch in there, and closed it up.

All cat5?
> Did it over a 2 week period, without ever really hurrying.  It's not
> that hard retrofitting if you can't get it in at construction time.
> And, from what I learned about how my house is: if I'd made the wiring
> decisions at preconstruction, I'd've totally had them wrong.  Plus you
> learn a lot about your place crawling through the attic.  Like why
> "3 points of contact" is a good rule, and what is/isn't a load bearing
> structure, and and

3 points of contact?  Please explain.

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