[TriLUG] Re: Houses

Greg Cox glcox at pobox.com
Tue Apr 23 01:33:18 EDT 2002

> Hmm... How bad is it?

Jerk a patch cable, that can tug the keystone, and tug the faceplate,
and tug the box.  If the box is in the stud (like your electrical boxes),
no worries: the stud's not going anywhere.  But if that low-voltage box
is clamped against the drywall, there's a slim but nonzero chance that
the drywall could give before something else pulls free to relieve the

It's mostly that you want to not subject the box to forces.  It's not
bad, just that some people have sprogs running around that might tug
on their cabling.  Luckily, leftover pieces from the install do not
pose a choking hazard, and should be given to the kids as playthings.

> All cat5?

5e.  Stay Online didn't even have solid 5!e when I got it.
I wonder if they even have !6 now.

> 3 points of contact?  Please explain.

Sitting on a 1x4 between 2 60degree rafters, 4 feet above the beams,
tacking up a cable holder, bundling/labelling the runs, you'll
eventually want to leave.  Then is not the time to try a dynamic move
that, IF all goes well will let you swing a leg and a hand to another
rafter, but WHEN it goes wrong will leave you dangling by 1 hand and
1 useless-on-60-degree-slope foot.

You are not a rock climber.  You are not a beautiful and unique
snowflake.  We are the all-stringing all-crimping geeks of the world.

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