Houses (was Re: [TriLUG] Re: FUD alert!)

Mike Johnson mike at
Tue Apr 23 09:13:44 EDT 2002

Tom Bryan [tbryan at] wrote:
> I don't know.  In a 1-story house, I didn't find it that difficult.  I think 
> that I spent two days from start to finish to get 6 drops of two outlets 

It -definately- depends on the house.  Mine is two stories with a slab
foundation.  It also has a two story tall living room, with a loft
overlooking it.  Wiring the thing was not easy.

I still say that I'd do wireless (at least for most of the house) if I
were to do it again.  However, offered the opportunity to do the wiring
while the walls were bare, I'd jump at it.

As to the wireless security concerns, there's always IPSEC.  (Side note:
I've got a wireless card in one of my systems and an airport card in the
wife's TiBook and still aren't using them because I've not had the time
to set up IPSEC. :(

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