[TriLUG] Re: Cabling wish list

James Manning trilug at sublogic.com
Tue Apr 23 13:37:43 EDT 2002

[Janyne Kizer]
> Actually, I think that IBM specifically prohibits working over wireless
> on anything confidential which includes a lot of e-mail and code.

quite likely - it's much easier for them to make blanket disallowances
for all wireless than to disallow "cleartext over wireless" and leave it
up to the employees to make sure there are protocol/appl-level encryption
algo's in place

PHY level security shouldn't be relied upon in *any* case, of course,
whether 802.3 or 802.11 (or even 802.5 ;)

James, who was stuck handling the remote access crap for 3 departments
       while @ IBM
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