[TriLUG] Re: Road Runner problems anyone?

Ryan Leathers Ryan.Leathers at globalknowledge.com
Mon Dec 9 14:05:51 EST 2002

I lost RR service Thursday AM and it was restored Sunday evening.  I ran
both ADSL and cable for a few months with a load balancing trick - but
in the end dropped the DSL cause it turned out I was using cable 99% of
the time.  It has worked as advertised for me.  Now if I could get it
with a static IP address and a bit more upstream speed....

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> [Andrew Perrin]
> Not me - our cable modem has been entirely reliable up until the
> storm. Cable is still out now, though, for both TV and data.

same here - solid cable modem before the storm (cable was fine up
until I did a controlled shutdown of everything on the UPS that
included the cable modem) but it's been dead the entire time power has
been back (5:38pm Sat).

A call into TWC said my area's network should be working fine, and
they've scheduled a tech to come out tomorrow morning, so we'll see
how that goes.  I called in mainly just to get a time estimate, but a
response of "you *should* be up and fine" was disturbing and
unexpected :)

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