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Quoting Andrew Perrin <clists at perrin.socsci.unc.edu>:


  I have a linux based firewall/router, and just plugged my WAP, Dlink, into 
the switch, everything works just fine.  It's what I'm using to send this mail.

  Did you get a WAP only, or is it a switch, etc as well?  Being that you have 
our router, and I'm guessing a switch or hub, you don't need anything but an 
AP.  There are some bargains out there, most vendors are discontinuing the AP 
only hardware.

  The AP is really just a bridge, it shouldn't be an issue.  


> Any recommendatinos on sources for home wireless setup? My situation is
> that I've got an existing, wired network in the study consisting of three
> desktop computers (two debian, one of which acts as the firewall/iptables
> router, and one Win98) and one laptop. I want the laptop to go wireless,
> and it's got a working wireless card which I've successfully used on the
> UNC campus's wireless network.  I bought a WAP (Belkin) to use for the
> home network. The question is... what's the right way to set it up? It
> defaults to an IP address of which is fine by me since the
> other machines on the home network are 192.168.0.[3..14]. But how do I set
> up the laptop and WAP so that packets from the laptop wind their way
> through the WAP, then through the router/firewall machine?  Setting the
> gateway to either (the WAP) or (the router
> machine) doesn't seem to work.
> Thanks for any advice.
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