[TriLUG] RE: Digital Camera vs. Linux

Jeff Bollinger jeff01 at email.unc.edu
Tue Nov 18 07:14:33 EST 2003

Turnpike Man wrote:

> I recommend you get something that is AT LEAST 3.2mp (wahtever brand/model you
> decide on) if you have any dreams of printing nice 8x10 photos.  
> David M.

As a corollary to this discussion, what do y'all recommend for online 
digital photo printing services?  I've got a lot of photos I'd like to 
print out as 8x10s and frame (cheap Christmas gifts!)

Is there a better alternative to online print shops, like Wolf Camera or 
something of their ilk?  Also, why do all the online stores seem to 
accept only *.jpgs?


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