[TriLUG] 16+ GB RAM PC advice

Ed Hill ed at eh3.com
Sun Sep 12 00:53:37 EDT 2004

Hi Carlos,

For large memory systems (>4GB RAM) the Xeons are awful.  Instead, you
should consider Opterons, Itaniums, or other hardware.  We have a number
large-memory systems within our network


  + Dell dual-Itaniums w/ 16GB RAM
  + dual-Opterons: (mostly Tyan 2885 MB w/ 16GB RAM)
  + an Altix 350 w/ 16 CPUs and 32GB RAM

and they perform *far* better than the Xeons on predominantly memory-
bandwidth-limited scientific applications.

Dual (up to 16GB RAM) and quad (up to 32GB RAM) Opteron systems can be
purchased and/or assembled for a few thousand dollars and they scale
*remarkably* well.  I'm very fond of our Opterons.  We see almost linear
(that is, per-CPU) speed-ups with many applications including our main
ocean/atmospheric modeling software.  And Linux (we use both Fedora Core
2 for x86_64 and RHEL v3 for x86_64) runs quite nicely on the Opterons.

For more than 32GB RAM, you'll have to look into SGI Altix or other
high-end hardware.  For truly huge simulations it is often best to get
time at a center such as:


rather than trying to buy your own.  As an academic, you can usually get
grants of computing time on their (often huge) systems quite easily.

Good luck with your simulations!


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