[TriLUG] Open Source Propaganda

Jim Ray jim at neuse.net
Thu Apr 20 09:18:06 EDT 2006

the business justification adds cost of parts plus labor and weighs the 
sum against the commercial and proprietary counterparts.  when the 
number of users exceeds the crossover point whereby costs of deployment 
are less important than costs of client access licenses, open source 
software will dominate the marketplace.



ps you might wanna check into getting some of maria's books to set out 
at the biz expo:

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Tom Eisenmenger wrote:

>This is a very opportune discussion - on May 2-3 I am planning on
>attending the local (Roanoke Rapids) Business Expo (I run a part-time IT
>consulting business which becomes full-time during the summer months).
>My intention is to promote Linux and Open Source vigorously at my booth
>(my catchphrase for the Expo:  "Real Geeks Know More Than One OS").  I
>have 50 Ubuntu CD sets on order which I'll distribute at the show and am
>currently putting together promotional materials.  If someone could
>direct me to a concise (i.e. able to fit easily in a brochure) business
>justification for OSS I'd surely appreciate it!  If you have any other
>suggestions, I'd appreciate them as well.
>Tom Eisenmenger

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