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Cristobal Palmer cristobalpalmer at gmail.com
Thu Apr 20 11:24:42 EDT 2006

I think that for many people moving to Open Source is too much of a
paradigm shift to be justified in a quick paragraph. What you might do
instead is put some bullet points in a brochure and talk about them
with people (either in person or on a website you refer them to). Some
points I would include:

Open source Software...

* ...Is often better, sometimes the best in its class
     * Apache, openssh
     * The Open Source model of collaboration makes for better
software and happier developers
* ...Is easier to secure.
* ...Is free as in freedom.
     * Tailor it to your needs
     * You can't be tied down by the original author(s)
* ...Follows transparent standards
* ...Has both professional and community support
* ...Is getting better faster


Feel free to chime in with other bullet points, folks


On 4/20/06, Tom Eisenmenger <teisenmenger at charter.net> wrote:
> This is a very opportune discussion - on May 2-3 I am planning on
> attending the local (Roanoke Rapids) Business Expo (I run a part-time IT
> consulting business which becomes full-time during the summer months).
> My intention is to promote Linux and Open Source vigorously at my booth
> (my catchphrase for the Expo:  "Real Geeks Know More Than One OS").  I
> have 50 Ubuntu CD sets on order which I'll distribute at the show and am
> currently putting together promotional materials.  If someone could
> direct me to a concise (i.e. able to fit easily in a brochure) business
> justification for OSS I'd surely appreciate it!  If you have any other
> suggestions, I'd appreciate them as well.
> Tom Eisenmenger
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