[TriLUG] Flaking PSU?

Pat Regan thehead at patshead.com
Sun Jun 25 18:24:56 EDT 2006

Jim Ray wrote:
> ouch.  30% is a lot.  is that for one server or for customers that buy 
> in volume?  i know sometimes folks cut deals when a lot of business is 
> on the line (as do i).
Everything I have ordered by phone through Dell Small Business has had a
good size discount over what I speced out on the web site.  It seems
like the more options you tack on to a machine the more money they tend
to knock off.

In fact, my sales rep told me that you should even call for home
orders.  She told me that the home sales people don't have quite as much
price flexibility, but they can definitely beat what you price out on
the web site.

YMMV, of course :).


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