[TriLUG] PC parts shops

Matt Nash mattnash at intrex.net
Mon Aug 7 07:42:04 EDT 2006

If you would prefer to support a local business, I like the Durham store 
for selection and helpfulness.

Jason Faulkner wrote:

> If "cheap" is criteria #1, check out the tigerdirect.com outlet on 
> Capital.
> If you actually want helpful service, or parts that won't suck, intrex 
> is good.
> But honestly, everytime I have a project like this, I usually attack
> newegg ... it ends up being a lot cheaper, and the webpages tell more
> about the products than the sales people usually can.
> On 8/6/06, Tom Eisenmenger <teisenmenger at charter.net> wrote:
>> My son and I are planning to visit area computer shops to buy parts to
>> cobble together a cheap PC as a quickie project before he goes off to
>> school.  Of the Intrex Computers locations in the Raleigh/Durham area,
>> which is usually the best-stocked?  Are there any other shops we should
>> check out?
>> Thanks,
>> Tom Eisenmenger
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