[TriLUG] I see an exchange server in my future

Neil L. Little nllittle at vnet.net
Sat Aug 12 14:31:45 EDT 2006

I have been reading in some of the forums about OpenXchange about some 
issues getting it runing and bad documentation.

Im looking at the fact that though I am the brightest pennie in the pile 
as far as IT goes at the work place (sales, video producer,
creative types that just care that things go "whizz! click!"),  I am 
myself a noob as linux/open source system administration goes.

Will OpenXchange present considerable challenge to configure and 
integrate? Are there any big gotchas?

The good thing is that I have some time to get my noobiness rubbed off 
and come up to speed.

I appreciate your input!

Neil, WA4AZL
JARS Forever!! ...er TRILUG Too!

> +1 for OpenXchange
> I helped a small business get started a few years ago with OpenXchange.
> Since then they have grown to roughly 80 employees. They all use Outlook
> with all the shared calendar and folder junk.  The employees have no
> idea that there is no Microsoft server on the other end.  Samba, LDAP,
> NTP, DHCP and DNS are all run from this single server as this was the
> default in the initial installation.  I believe backups and the mail
> store have been moved to a CORAID.
> They upgraded it recently but have had only one issue in 3+ years which
> they solved with a per incident support purchase.  The support guy
> actually SSH'd in and fixed their issue.  
> The guy who administers it from day to day is a very junior sysadmin
> type.  There has been no real care and feeding other than creating and
> deleting users and lists from the admin GUI.  It has been perfect for
> them, and has been amazingly cheap in $TCO

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