[TriLUG] Open source Inventory Tracking Software?

Kevin J. mrkevinj at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 20 16:02:50 EDT 2007

Thanks for the suggestion. I loaded the Virtual Appliance up on our <free...because we're cheap and broke> VMWare Server and it works like a charm. This is exactly what we've been looking for (and the price can't be beat!:). 

SNMP picked up everything right off the bat. I have done very little configuration and it found everything on my network in detail. I'm setting it up now to send automatic notifications and forwarding them to my cell phone via www.teleflip.com. There's still a lot of information not being populated, however, such as the vulnerability assessments (these are mostly M$ boxen so you know that ain't right) and installed software; but I'm quite sure I haven't set up even a fraction of the options necessary to get all of that working correctly. I'll RTFM a bit longer.


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<shameless plug> http://www.commandcenter-noc.com   our CCNOC product 
has software inventory, although I will admit it needs to be enhanced.  
The product does monitoring and alerting much better, but if you have 
SNMP turned on your boxes, it will pull the software inventory with no 
problem, also it can get the software list from your windoz boxen as 
well.  Our trial VMware license is good for 10 years, and will manage 5 
servers, 5 infrastructure devices and 50 workstations.   Above those 
numbers we have pay options.  Also we're working on an ISO version if 
you don't want to run it in VMware. </shameless plug>

Matt P.

Ralph Gill wrote:
> Does anyone have any recommendations for a configurable open source
> inventory tracking software? Is there anything Java based?
> Any information or opinions would be greatly appreciated. Our office
> is currently running on Linux 3 and 4 versions.
> Thanks in advance,
> Ralph Gill
> IT Analyst
> CALGB-Duke Medical Center

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