[TriLUG] TriJUG meeting on Adobe Flex and free Flex "sprint" training @ my office afterwards

Andrew C. Oliver acoliver at buni.org
Wed Jul 4 00:22:52 EDT 2007

One of my partners in crime, James Ward of Adobe is speaking to the 
TriJUG about Adobe Flex.  Flex is the technology we implemented our 
webmail on.  It is now going open source (albeit it compiles to a SWF to 
which you require Flash to use).  The very next day he's giving 4-5 
hours of "sprint" training on Flex at my office on 9th street.  My 
office is behind Bean Traders Coffee (we will meet at the lower level). 
  If you are coming but are late (after 9a) then knock on my window 
which is the back corner window looking in to to the lower level of Bean 
Traders Coffee.  The "Flex Sprint" is free but you must procure your own 
refreshments.  If you are lost my office # is 919.321.8856.  The TriJUG 
meeting takes place at Nortel (the usual TriJUG place) and is $2 for the 
learned student or unemployed and $5 for all ya'll wealthy IT workers.


In this session James Ward will do live demonstrations and write code to 
show how easy it is to build sexy web apps with Java, Mozilla Tamarin, 
and Flex. The session will cover the programming model, Java Remoting, 
Pub/Sub messaging & JMS integration, Data Synchronization, Hibernate 
integration, charting, cinematic experiences, and media integration.

About the Speaker:
James Ward (jamesward.org) is a Technical Evangelist for Flex at Adobe 
and Adobe's JCP representative to JSR 286, 299, and 301. Much like his 
love for climbing mountains he enjoys programming because it provides 
endless new discoveries, elegant workarounds, summits and valleys. His 
adventures in climbing have taken him many places. Likewise, technology 
has brought him many adventures, including: Pascal and Assembly back in 
the early 90's; Perl, HTML, and JavaScript in the mid 90's; then Java 
and many of it's frameworks beginning in the late 90's. Today he 
primarily uses Flex to build beautiful front ends for Java based back 
ends. Prior to Adobe, James built a rich marketing and customer service 
portal for Pillar Data Systems.
6:30 - 7:00 PM -- Meet, Talk, Pizza
7:00 - 7:15 -- JUG Business and Announcements
7:15 - 8:15 -- Presentation
8:15 - 8:30 -- Discussion with Presenter
9:00 - Doors close

Paid-up members of TriJUG may attend without additional charge. Non 
members are asked to pay $5 per meeting. But, if you are either a full 
time student or unemployed, then we ask only $2 per meeting.
   Flex Sprint
Tuesday, July 17, 2007
8:30 AM - 12:00 PM

AND for the training:

714 9th Street
Durham, North Carolina
(Yahoo! Maps, Google Maps)
Half day hands-on Flex training by James Ward and Andy Oliver. Bring 
your laptops (with power adapters and wireless). Also it would be great 
if you can pre-install Flex Builder 2 (from flex.org) or Flex Builder 3 
(from labs.adobe.com).

Buni Meldware Communication Suite
Multi-platform and extensible Email,
Calendaring (including freebusy),
Rich Webmail, Web-calendaring, ease
of installation/administration.
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