[TriLUG] A position (and other opportunities) at McClatchy Interactive

Martin Streicher martin.streicher at gmail.com
Wed Jul 4 15:45:46 EDT 2007

I posted last week about a position at McClatchy Interactive. Here is  
the job description, which was also posted at jobs.perl.org.

McClatchy Interactive (MI) develops and hosts software to power the  
online presence of the McClatchy Newspaper Company, which owns, among  
others, The Miami Herald, The Sacramento Bee, and the Fort Worth Star  

MI is located in Raleigh, NC, and San Jose, CA. MI produces an  
enterprise content management system, an online classified  
advertisement platform, a registration system to provide users with  
customized online features, and an events calendar to organize  
restaurants, events, and venues.

The bulk of software MI develops is written in Perl and is based on  
the LAMP stack. Open source tools and commodity hardware are used  
whenever possible. The classified ads system is written is J2EE.  
Other components are developed in PHP.

At this time, MI is searching for a senior Perl developer to help  
create the next generation of newspaper print/online software. The  
developer will cooperate with other senior staff to design and  
develop the new system and to migrate existing infrastructure over  
time to the new model. This is a hands-on coding role with additional  
responsibility for designing subsystems and directing other Perl coders.

Brownie points are awarded if you've developed and deployed large- 
scale OO Perl applications, mod_perl, are familiar with REST, modern- 
day ORM libraries, and the latest widgets in the CPAN. Development  
will be fast, iterative, and dynamic. Gold stars are awarded for  
experience with SOA-like architectures, a wicked sense of humor, a  
collection of toys, or if you've ever been abducted by aliens.

Ideally, you would live in the Raleigh area and be able to work  
onsite to interact with staff. An exception can be considered  
depending on your experience, skills, and ability to engage others.  
The pay scale for this position is $60-85K, depending on experience.  
It's a full-time gig, with benefits. Contractors may apply, too, if  
willing to commit to six months or more.

If you are interested in the position, please contact Martin  
Streicher at mstreicher -a-t- mcclatchyinteractive.com. Send a resume  
and as much documentation as you can to demonstrate your skills, such  
as sites, code, design documents, papers, or presentations that YOU  
wrote or had a significant role in creating. The interview process  
includes a series of in-depth technical interviews with senior staff.

Separately, because MI develops software in a variety of  
environments, please feel free to send a cover letter and resume if  
you ever want to explore employment at the company. If you're an  
experienced developer with expertise in MySQL, Apache, Java, Flex, or  
PHP, please consider contacting Martin to express your interest.

Please do not call about the position or the opportunities. Email first.


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