[TriLUG] evolution's display of sent mail's not working so great

Owen Berry oberry at trilug.org
Tue Oct 9 21:43:30 EDT 2007

I would guess that it's not an Evolution problem ... I haven't seen that
problem occurring and I've been using Evolution for quite a long time,
on Gentoo and Fedora with a variety of IMAP servers.


On Tue, 2007-10-09 at 20:38 -0400, Andrew Ball wrote:
> Soo, I'm a bit annoyed that I often don't see any sent mail in Evolution, or
> at
> least don't see it for a long time -- neither in the local sent folder, nor
> in the Sent
> or Sent-mail folders associated with my UNC IMAP account.
> I used to have problems seeing sent messages with my IBM LTC IMAP account --
> they
> would show up eventually in the local folders, but it would take them a long
> time
> to show up.
> Any ideas on how to troubleshoot what's going on? This is on Ubuntu Feisty
> Fawn,
> Evolution version 2.10.1.
> I'm using an IMAP server and SMTP server from UNC, with some oddness, since
> I
> claim to be adball at cs.unc.edu when the IMAP server likely thinks that I'm
> adball at email.unc.edu.  The CS dept's mail server forwards my mail to the UNC
> IMAP one.  That shouldn't matter though, right?
> Thanks for your help,
> Andrew
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