[TriLUG] Hardware woes..

David Brain dbrain at gmail.com
Sun Oct 14 21:59:49 EDT 2007


I just had one of my home boxes die (mobo or CPU dead), it was an old
but useful box (running Gentoo - and doing a very good job of it too).
 Of course now it's sufficiently old that there's no realistic
possibility of buying new replacement components, so I'm left with two
choices - spend a couple of hundred $ buying a whole new MB, CPU,
memory etc.. etc.. etc.. or asking nicely to see if any Trilug members
have anything they are willing to trade/sell.

So - does anyone have a Socket A Mobo and CPU lying around somewhere
they'd be willing to get rid of, ideally with integrated video (as it
would be replacing a Abit VA-10 - which had built in unichrome)?



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