[TriLUG] Need people to take a survey for my MBA Thesis on "businesses adopting open-source software"

Jamil Spain (jamspain) jamspain at cisco.com
Fri Feb 29 16:56:02 EST 2008

Hello Trilug..
I'm finishing up my MBA this March 2008.. One of the last projects we
have to do is create a questionnaire on a research topic, get people to
take it and use the data to complete our paper.  
My research topic involves identifying some barriers to open-source
software adoption in business.  The survey shouldn't take but 10 - 15
mins to take, at the most 20 mins.. 
If you have ever used or evaluated open-source software before, you
pre-qualify to take the survey.  
Here is the URL to the survey :
http://iqbs.homelinux.net <http://iqbs.homelinux.net/>   
Thanks in advance for your time.. 

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