[TriLUG] Interested in hosting

Roberto J. Dohnert robertdohnert at mailshack.com
Fri Feb 29 21:45:32 EST 2008

I have a Linux distribution that I created that I wish to be hosted.  
Its called PC/OS.  Its a variant of Xubuntu that has all common codecs, 
minus DVD playback. Developer tools, all productivity software and a 
customized XFCE interface.  If you are interested please drop me an 
e-mail.  if you wish to try it before you agree to host it I will send 
you a LiveDVD  free of charge as well as a copy of the .iso files for 
hosting.  I have a high speed internet connection if you wish for me to 
FTP the files as well.  Its targeted towards students, newbies, even up 
to the advanced crowd.  The group I have used for testing all liked it 
and were very happy with the system.  if you would like more info you 
can visit http://pcos08.wordpress.com which is the project blog and it 
has screenshots included.

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