[TriLUG] Change GID

James Tuttle jjtuttle at trilug.org
Wed Mar 19 09:01:35 EDT 2008

Actually, funny you should mention that.  I did google uucp, but wasn't 
sure what it was and didn't know if I ever used it.  So, you're right. 
However, I had this vision of everything working swell until the next 
reboot when I'd be greeted by a flashing cursor and nothing else.  The 
vision includes my boss waiting over my shoulder for me to retrieve 
something critical.  Oops!  To hell with uucp, I say!

learned something new and it's not even 9,

Jeremy Portzer wrote:
> James Tuttle wrote:
>> On the server the gid of the group who must own all the scripts is 10.
>> However, on my local machine, 10 is the gid of uucp.  Since I can't
>> change the gid on the server, I was hoping to change the gid of uucp on
>> my local machine.  I understand how to change gid with groupmod, but am
>> worried that doing so may wreck something.  I mean, if I create a local
>> group 'staff' with gid 10, and change the gid of uucp to 20, will the
>> files currently with gid 10 be screwed up?
> I agree with the other posters that you don't need to change the GID, 
> just override them in the smbfs mount options.  But I do have one side 
> comment - if you actually have any files owned by group "uucp" do you 
> really care?  Do you actually run UUCP?  Do you even know what it is*? 
> *grin*
> --Jeremy
> * It's Unix to Unix Copy and it probably hasn't been used since the 
> early 1990s.  I've never actually used it myself, but I do know that it 
> involves typing the ! character a lot, so that's cool.  :-)

---Jim Tuttle
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