[TriLUG] Linux jobs

David Reid drreid3 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 19 13:56:35 EDT 2008

Thanks for the Linux job pointers guys. Here's a little about me.

		David R. Reid


2006- 2007	North Carolina A&T State University	Greensboro, NC
  		M.S. Computer Science

2006		North Carolina A&T State University	Greensboro, NC
System Administrator
* Lead Administrator for Linux operating systems
* Administrator for Computer Science Department computer systems

2004- 2005	Blue Cross & Blue Shield of NC		Durham, NC
Web Developer
* Developed site for Intel Engineering group and site for Remote Access
   project which saves group member's time communicating policies and
   procedures company wide
* Developed Intel Engineering project tracking database with multiple
   user interfaces that simplified information access and reporting
* Created content and images for "Remote Access User's Setup Guide" and
   "VPN Troubleshooting Guide" reducing demands for help desk and
   engineering support

2003- 2004	Peregrine Computer Consultants		Fairfax, VA
Web Developer
* Created new and enhanced existing customer sites with functionality
   and professional design; allowing owner to concentrate on business
* Developed creative sites that got positive reaction for originality
   and immediate impact
* Developed web based SQL database that simplified contacting site
   visitors and graphics generation page that allowed users to easily
   create professional customized graphics	

2002- 2003	Alamance Community College		Graham, NC
  		A.A.S. Biotechnology

1999- 2001	EMC					RTP, NC
Software Engineer
* Developed software release processes and programs for DGUX operating
   system and Clariion IP4700 network attached storage that maximized
   build quality while minimizing build time
* Built 64 million line operating systems consistently on tight
   delivery schedule with no time lost due to build processes
* Consistently performed cross-functional roles: Release Engineer,
   System Administrator, Application Support, Patch Builder with
   minimal supervision

1998- 1999	Nortel Networks				Morrisville, NC
Software Engineer
Designed source code patching system to manage incremental upgrades
on software during execution for a redesigned embedded telephony
application that reduced downtime due to changing software

1994- 1997	North Carolina A&T State University	Greensboro, NC
  		B.S. Computer Science major, magna cum laude

1997		SAS Institute				Cary, NC
Technical Student
* Designed and implemented standard format providing code modularity
   for group tools using object-oriented relational database, that
   increased code reuse and decreased testing time
* Developed SGML to HTML conversion program that automated translation
   of documentation for web delivery, increased accessibility,
   consistency and reduced conversion time


Transferable:	Learn quickly, Trouble-shooting, Process optimization,
		Prioritization, Taking initiative, Relationship
		building, Working on a team and independently,
		Communication, Time management, Multi-tasking and
		Technical writing

Information 	Full life cycle software development, Web development,
Technology:	System administration, Database development, Text 			 
processing, Release engineering

Languages: 	Unix shell script, PERL, SQL, C, HTML, CSS, SGML, XML, 				Java

Operating	Windows: XP, Millenium, NT, 98, 95, 3.1, DOS
Systems:	Unix: DG/UX, HP-UX, Solaris, real-time embedded Chorus
		Linux: Redhat, Fedora, Mepis, Ubuntu

Applications:	Databases, Eclipse IDE, Debuggers, Version control
		systems, Apache, PhotoShop, ImageMagick, Word
		processors, Spreadsheets, Presentation makers,
		Web browsers, MS FrontPage, Infopath and Office

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