[TriLUG] Off Topic: Need Cisco Router Config Help

Chris Bullock cgbullock at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 3 19:32:39 EDT 2008

First thing I would do is without the help of the host file try to ping
private.opennms.com and see what you get.  Then perform a dig or nslookup
to see exactly what DNS server gave you that IP.
--- Tarus Balog <tarus at opennms.org> wrote:

> On Apr 3, 2008, at 4:47 PM, Nick Goldwater wrote:
> > So is your local lan 172.20.1.x or something different that needs to  
> > be routed?
> > Perhaps I'm missing something but it appears that  
> > private.opennms.com is on the same subnet?
> Okay, I have a bunch of virtual domains that point to  
> private.opennms.com. They are NAT'd from the outside world to  
> (on the LAN).
> However, when I am actually on the LAN (with a 172.20.1.x address) I  
> can't reach any of those external addresses, as going to  
> private.opennms.com terminates on the router and it is not NAT'd to  
> the proper box.
> I get around this now with an entry in /etc/hosts for those domains to  
> point to that I just comment out when I'm off the LAN, but  
> I'd like a better solution. I know that we can futz with the DNS  
> server and make this work, but we'd rather not have to if there is a  
> better way.
> Remember that low-end routers seem to NAT regardless of where the  
> traffic originates. I've been told that this is actually incorrect  
> behavior but it made things easier.
> -T
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