[TriLUG] Is it me or does Hardy run like a pig?

Jim Tuttle jjtuttle at trilug.org
Wed Oct 15 11:06:08 EDT 2008

That wasn't my experience.  Although I don't actually gather metrics,
anecdotally my experience has been that each release, including Gutsy,
has been faster than the prior release.  I'm running Hardy now, but
don't recall feeling that Firefox was sluggish.


Mike Shaw wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> Just wanted to see what other people's experience with Hardy after
> upgrading from Gutsy.  I had been running Gutsy on my T41 for quite a
> while and although the performance was not as good as when I was
> running Gentoo it was okay.  But I noticed a huge difference after
> upgrading to Hardy - and it wasn't a positive.  Firefox especially
> seems to have gone down hill.
> l8r,
> Mike

---Jim Tuttle
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