[TriLUG] Is it me or does Hardy run like a pig?

Mike Shaw mdshaw89 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 15 11:09:17 EDT 2008

Did you upgrade or do a fresh install?  I performed an upgrade and
immediately noted the degradation of Google under Firefox 3.

On Wed, Oct 15, 2008 at 11:06 AM, Jim Tuttle <jjtuttle at trilug.org> wrote:
> That wasn't my experience.  Although I don't actually gather metrics,
> anecdotally my experience has been that each release, including Gutsy,
> has been faster than the prior release.  I'm running Hardy now, but
> don't recall feeling that Firefox was sluggish.
> James
> Mike Shaw wrote:
>> Hi Everyone,
>> Just wanted to see what other people's experience with Hardy after
>> upgrading from Gutsy.  I had been running Gutsy on my T41 for quite a
>> while and although the performance was not as good as when I was
>> running Gentoo it was okay.  But I noticed a huge difference after
>> upgrading to Hardy - and it wasn't a positive.  Firefox especially
>> seems to have gone down hill.
>> l8r,
>> Mike
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