[TriLUG] New Year's Resolution: Backup my data (backuppc rocks)

Jeff Ellis jeff-lists at ellises.us
Wed Dec 31 08:23:39 EST 2008

I've been meaning to setup a backup system for a set of computers at 
home.  A recent disk failure and the loss of a few months of data have 
provided the kick in the pants needed to get moving on that project.  I 
know this has been discussed here before, in several threads which I 
read but did nothing about, but with the new year dawning it seemed like 
a good time to throw in another plug for the Backuppc software.  It 
absolutely rocks, quietly backing up any number Linux and Windows PCs 
(without having to place the files in a shared directory), providing an 
easy web interface for configuration / restoring files, and compressing 
and sharing files to save backup space.  Now, I'm sure that on a list 
like this everyone but me is religious about their backups, but just in 
case, I thought I'd share ;).  Give it a try if you're running a Linux 
server.  It's available via the package manager for Ubuntu (not sure 
about other distros) and you can find more details at:


Now I just need to get a couple of external drives for a rotating 
offsite backup scheme via sneakernet (cable modem upload speed just 
seems to slow to backup 100's of GB over the internet) and I can sleep 
at night again.

Happy New Year,

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