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> Does anyone have any particular lvm2 recovery procedures they would
> recommend?
> Thanks,
> Justin

Yes, backup /etc/lvm periodically. As long as you have a copy of the
backup/archive diretories you can use that metadata to recreate any
corrupted metadata on disk.

Take a look at Red Hat's docs on the subject


I want to say that I have read that vgcfgrestore should only be used
after you are *sure* you cannot get at the data on certain LVM vg/lv
or PVs (not sure which). The reason being is that it will remove
whatever it can't recover. The problem is that people see "recover" in
the command and use it first. I think the better

so make sure you recreate from backup first like this:
pvcreate --uuid "FmGRh3-zhok-iVI8-7qTD-S5BI-MAEN-NYM5Sk" --restorefile
/etc/lvm/archive/VG_00050.vg /dev/sdh1

that command is in those docs so if you read them thoroughly it should
explain that point I was making above.

John Brier

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