[TriLUG] LVM2 recovery options . . .

magnus magnus at trilug.org
Thu Sep 10 09:52:06 EDT 2009

Justin Parker wrote:
> Does anyone have any particular lvm2 recovery procedures they would
> recommend? 

* Keep good filesystem backups (duh).
* On a daily basis, run "fdisk -l" with output dumped to a text file
that is backed up so you can see how your disks were partitioned.
* Run "lvmdump" periodically, but be sure to do housekeeping on the
dated tarballs that it creates. Any time you change the LVM
configuration, by extending a logical volume or what have you, as a
matter of habit run an "lvmdump" immediately afterwards so you have a
current state of LVM in your next incremental backup.

Sticking to these guidelines, one will not only have their data to
restore, but the metadata about the disk partitioning & LVM
configuration needed to get a hopelessly broken system restored to a
useful state again.

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