[TriLUG] ISP1 won't route packets to ISP2

Brian Phelps brphelps at ieee.org
Wed Jul 14 07:29:40 EDT 2010

I have a client (both in the computing and business sense) in Danville
Va who's ISP is comcast.   It will not connect to my server on port
2275 (my ssh port) which uses Verizon as the ISP.  However I can
connect to my webhost in California and then make the connection back
to the server on Verizon.

I did not do any diagnosing because I had no time but I'll be back
there tomorrow to try a traceroute etc, try to connect from my server
on Verizon, etc, and call Comcast to track down why this is happening.

I just wanted to see if anyone on the list has seen anything like
this.  I have seen it one other time and I had to call my ISP to fix

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