[TriLUG] Anyone using TW Telcom?

Jeffrey Macko jmacko at macko.net
Wed Jul 14 21:20:58 EDT 2010

Thanks greatly to everyone for their thoughts, I feel much more comfortable signing the deal.  

BTW, just for giggles I had them quote a 40x40 for our office in Morrisville.  It's way more than we needed but if you're in a fiber lit building it could be yours for around $950 a month on a three year term.  

Prices like this make me remember the days of T1's at $1500 a month.... oh how we've progressed.



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> What do 6x6 and 20x20 refer to?

6MBit down, 6Mbit up; 20Mbit down, 20Mbit up.

They don't offer 20Mbit here in Carrboro. :( Please call me if that changes. :)

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