[TriLUG] A contact at TWC?

Matt Flyer matt at noway2.thruhere.net
Thu Jul 15 03:24:45 EDT 2010

Hey Group,

I was wondering if anyone knows of a contact at Time Warner Cable that
is high enough up on the food chain to actually care about the
I recently upgraded to their business class and dropped the residential
service I had for many years.  On Tuesday, they sent some idiot around
to fully disconnect my residential service.  Ignoring the fact that the
account is marked on the service paperwork as having multiple accounts
and that the line has a big red tag on it with my address and a business
class designator, they wrongfully went ahead and cut EVERYTHING.  This
caused me to be without service for two days.  Their own people could
only determine that they could not connect to the modem, but had no idea

On top of all that, I was called at 7:15 am and told that I was the
first appointment for the day.  When they didn't show up at noon, I
called and was told that it was an 11:30 to 1:30 appointment.  When they
didn't show up at 2pm I called and was told it was an all day
appointment (the computer still said it was 11:30-1:30).  When they
didn't show up at 5pm, I called again (computer now said it was 8am to
5pm appointment) and was told that they had till 8pm.

This is absolutely unacceptable and I want them to hear about it and
would like to complain in writing rather than get some peon that answers
phones.  This was not an equipment failure, or an act of weather.  This
was pure negligence, incompetence, or spite on the part of their
employees.  If possible I would like to address teh concern directly to
a person, which is why I am asking if anyone has any contact

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