[TriLUG] Anyone using TW Telecom?

Jeffrey Macko jmacko at macko.net
Thu Jul 15 08:53:51 EDT 2010

I'm not sure where you are, but I was surprised that TW Telecom had so much fiber running around the Triangle.  

Map of their Triangle Fiber Runs:

>From what our rep told me, the pricing is variable depending on how much work they need to do in order to light the building (trenching, digging, permits etc.)   So if you've got fiber out at the street, and can find a few more tenants in your building, it might be worth your while to give them a call.    I've been working with Diane  Email: dianne.davenport at twtelecom.com


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On 7/14/2010 9:20 PM, Jeffrey Macko wrote:
> BTW, just for giggles I had them quote a 40x40 for our office in 
> Morrisville.  It's way more than we needed but if you're in a fiber 
> lit building it could be yours for around $950 a month on a three year term.

I'm sooooo jealous.  If we could get half of that (20x20 for $500/mo) at our office, I'd sign up for it tonight!

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