[TriLUG] SOT: Java and JS Developer positions

Jim Wright wrightjim at gmail.com
Wed Aug 18 16:05:22 EDT 2010

SOT because my work is a windows shop, but we use some worthy tools.
My contact email is at the end. -jim

Campbell Alliance is looking for some good contract developers to help
us with a 6-9 month project to revamp an existing application.  These
positions are onsite at our Raleigh headquarters in Brier Creek.

Java Developer

You are a mid-level to senior Java developer with a large amount of
experience developing web applications using technologies such as
Hibernate, Spring and Struts.  You have had to optimize an application
for speed and stability.  You have a good knowledge of SQL.  When you
code, security is always in the front of your mind, and terms like
cross site scripting and horizontal privilege escalation don't scare
you away. You have at least a passing knowledge of the javascript
libraries that are out there and how your code might interact with

UI Developer

You are a mid-level to senior UI developer, with experience with one
or more javascript libraries (especially YUI or ExtJS).  The
application you will be working on currently utilizes an older version
of YUI, but will need new functionality and speed.  You have optimized
an application to minimize download and render times.  You have a
passing knowledge of Java programming and understand how your code
might interact with the server side code.

Application Tester

You are a junior to mid-level developer who has experience with HTML,
javascript and one or more other programming languages.  You have an
eye for detail, and can work with other developers to create test
scripts for a web application that utilizes javascript UI libraries.
You will utilize tools like firebug, fiddler and selenium to assist in
your testing and debugging.

Other things about our Dev Environment

SQL Server

Jim Wright
Manager, Information Technology Applications
jwright at campbellalliance.com

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